Saturday, December 19, 2015

My 50 Best Albums Of 2015

50 The Spectors 'Light Stays Close'


Listen: Wrong

49 Jamie xx 'In Colour'


Listen: Just Saying

48 White Reaper 'White Reaper Does It Again'


Listen: White Reaper Does It Again (Full Album)

47 Tamaryn 'Cranekiss'


Listen: Cranekiss

46 Lana Del Rey 'Honeymoon'


45 Mystic Braves - 'Days Of Yesteryear'


Listen: Days Of Yesteryear (Full Album)

44 Girls Names -  'Arms Around A Vision'


Listen: A Hunger Artist

43 Ava Luna 'Infinite House'


42 Kendrick Lamar 'To Pimp A Butterfly'


Listen: King Kunta

41 Grimes 'Art Angels'


40 Younghusband 'Dissolver'

Listen: Blonde Blending

39 Eternal Summers - 'Gold And Stone'


38 Heaters 'Holy Water Pool'


37 Tame Impala 'Currents'


36 Adele '25'


35 Julia Holter 'Have You In My Wilderness'


34 Twin Shadow 'Eclipse'


33 The Bird And The Bee 'Recreational Love'


Listen: Runaway

32 Ducktails 'St. Catherine'


Listen: St. Catherine (Full Album)

31 Jenny Lee 'Right On!'


Listen: Never

30 Echo Lake 'Era'


Listen: Waves

29 Pearls 'Pretend You're Mine'

Listen: Big Shot


28 Valet - 'Nature'


Listen: Nature (Full Album)   

27 Cotillon - 'Cotillon'


Listen: Before

26 Swim Deep - 'Mothers'


Listen: Fueiho Boogie

25 Soko - 'My Dreams Dictate My Reality'


Listen: My Dreams Dictate My Reality (Full Album)

24 Colleen Green - 'I Want To Grow Up'


Listen: TV

23 Chastity Belt - 'Time To Go Home'


Listen: Lydia

22 Florence + The Machine - 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'


21 Best Coast - 'California Nights'


Listen: California Nights (Full Album) 

20 Death Cab For Cutie - 'Kintsugi'


Listen: Little Wanderer    

19 Shopping - 'Why Choose'


Listen: Take It Outside

18 Youth Lagoon - 'Savage Hills Ballroom'


Listen: Highway Patrol Stun Gun

17 Teen Daze - 'Morning World'


Listen: Good Night

16 Sundowners - 'Sundowners'


Listen: Into The Light

15 Wolf Alice - 'My Love Is Cool'

Listen: You're A Germ

14 U.S. Girls - 'Half Free'


Listen: Woman's Work

13 Neon Indian - 'VEGA INTL. Night School'


Listen: VEGA INTL. Night School (Full Album)

12 Waxahatchee - 'Ivy Tripp'


Listen: Under A Rock

11 Work Drugs - 'Louisa'


Listen: Louisa (Full Album)        

10 Novella - 'Land'



Listen: Land Gone    

09 Beach House - 'Depression Cherry'



Listen: Depression Cherry (Full Album)            

08 Mac DeMarco - 'Another One'



Listen: Another One (Full Album)

07 All We Are - 'All We Are'



Listen: Stone 

06 Kid Wave - 'Wonderlust'



Listen: Wonderlust (Full Album)                   

05 Thee Oh Sees - 'Mutilator Defeated At Last'


Listen: Mutilator Defeated At Last (Full Album)   

04 Blur - 'The Magic Whip'



Listen: The Magic Whip (Full Album)

03 Twiggy Frostbite - 'TWF'


Listen: Ahai          

02 Courtney Barnett - 'Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit'


Listen: Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (Full Album)     

01 Winter - 'Supreme Blue Dream'


Listen: Supreme Blue Dream (Full Album)