Saturday, December 23, 2017

My 50 Best Albums Of 2017

50 Sean Nicholas Savage 'Yummycoma'


Listen: Yummycoma (Full Album)

49 Dude York 'Sincerely'


Listen: Sincerely

48 Weaves 'Wide Open'


Listen: Wide Open

47 L.A. Witch 'L.A. Witch'


Listen: L.A. Witch (Full Album)

46 Grizzly Bear 'Painted Ruins'


Listen: Painted Ruins (Full Album)

45 The Orwells - 'Terrible Human Beings'


Listen: Terrible Human Being (Full Album)

44 The Underground Youth -  'What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?'


43 The XX 'I See You'


Listen: I See You (Full Album)

42 St. Vincent 'Masseduction'


Listen:  Masseduction (Full Album)

41 Midnight Sister 'Saturn Over Sunset'


Listen: Saturn Over Sunset (Full Album)

40 Ride 'Weather Diaries'

Listen: Weather Diaries

39 Pond - 'The Weather'


Listen: 30000 Megatons

38 Cotillon 'The Afternoons'


Listen: The Afternoons (Full Album)

37 Sally Dige 'Holding On'


Listen: Holding On (Full Album)

36 Tyler, The Creator 'Flower Boy'


Listen: Flower Boy (Full Album)

35 Molly Nilsson 'Imaginations'


Listen: Imaginations (Full Album)

34 Fleet Foxes 'Crack-Up'


Listen: Crack-Up (Full Album)

33 Chastity Belt 'I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone'


Listen: I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone (Full Album)

32 Kendrick Lamar 'DAMN.'


Listen: DAMN. (Full Album)

31 Liam Gallagher 'As You Were'


Listen: As You Were (Full Album)

30 The Horrors 'V'


Listen: V (Full Album)

29 Molly Burch 'Please Be Mine'

Listen: Please Be Mine (Full Album)

28 Mattiel - 'Mattiel'


Listen: Mattiel (Full Album)   

27 Teen Daze - 'Themes For Dying Earth'


Listen: Themes For Dying Earth (Full Album)

26 Ariel Pink - 'Dedicated To Bobby Jameson'


Listen: Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (Full Album)

25 The Jesus And Mary Chain - 'Damage And Joy'


Listen: Damage And Joy (Full Album)

24 Washed Out - 'Mister Yellow'


Listen: Mister Yellow (Full Album)

23 Foster The People - 'Sacred Hearts Club'


Listen: Sacred Hearts Club (Full Album)

22 Waxhatchee - 'Out In The Storm'


Listen: Out In The Storm (Full Album)

21 Novella - 'Change Of State'


Listen: Change Of State (Full Album)

20 The Courtneys - 'The Courtneys II'


Listen: Silver Velvet

19 Wolf Alice - 'Visions Of A Life'


Listen: Visions Of Life (Full 

18 Mose Sumney - 'Aromanticism'


Listen: Aromaniticism (Full Album)

17 Daughter - 'Music From Before The Storm'


Listen: Music From Before The Storm

16 Hand Habits - 'Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void)'


Listen: Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) (Full Album)

15 Mac DeMarco - 'This Old Dog'


Listen: This Old Dog (Full Album)

14 The War On Drugs - 'A Deeper Understanding'


Listen: A Deeper Understanding (Full Album)

13 Slowdive - 'Slowdive'


Listen: Slowdive (Full Album)

12 Rostam - 'Half-Light'


Listen: Half-Light (Full Album)

11 TOPS - 'Sugar At The Gate'


Listen: Sugar At The Gate (Full Album)        

10 Pixx - 'The Age Of Anxiety'


Listen: Romance

09 The Big Moon - 'Love In The 4th Dimension'



Listen: Love In The 4th Dimention (Full Album)            

08 Japanese Breakfast - 'Soft Sounds From Another Planet'


Listen: Soft Sounds From Another Planet (Full Album)

07 Kedr Livanskiy - 'Ariadna'


Listen: Ariadna (Full Album)

06 The Proper Ornaments - 'Foxhole'


Listen: Foxhole (Full Album)                 

05 Beach Fossils - 'Somersault'



Listen: Somersault (Full Album)

04 Alvvays - 'Antisocialites'



Listen: Antisocialities (Full Album)

03 King Krule - 'The Ooz'


Listen: The Ooz (Full Album)         

02 Alex G - 'Rocket'


Listen: Rocket (Full Album)     

01 Kevin Morby - 'City Music'


Listen: City Music (Full Album)