Friday, December 23, 2016

My 50 Best Albums Of 2016

 50 Anohni 'Hopelessness'


Listen: Hopelessness (Full Album)

49 BeyoncĂ© 'LEMONADE'


Listen: Formation

48 Wet 'Don't You'


Listen: These Days

47 Bat For Lashes 'The Bride'


Listen: In Your Bed

46 Common 'Black America Again'


Listen: Pyramids

45 Mourn - 'Ha, Ha, He.'


Listen: Ha, Ha, He. (Full Album)

44 Gap Dream -  'This Is Gap Dream'


Listen: This Is Gap Dream (Full Album)

43 The Smoking Trees 'The Archer And The 


Listen: The Archer And The Bull (Full Album)

42 Frank Ocean 'Blonde'


Listen: Solo

41 DMA'S 'Hills End'


Listen: Lay Down

40 Solange 'A Seat At The Table'

Listen: Don't Touch My Hair

39 Blood Orange - 'Freetown Sound'


Listen: Augustine

38 Frankie Cosmos 'Next Thing'


Listen: Next Thing (Full Album)

37 Dinner 'Psychic Lovers'


Listen: Psychic Lovers (Full Album)

36 Negative Gemini 'Body Work'


Listen: Body Work (Full Album)

35 Puro Instinct 'Autodrama'


Listen: Six Of Swords

34 Tacocat 'Lost Time'


Listen: Lost Time (Full Album)

33 Bleached 'Welcome The Worms'


Listen: Welcome The Worms (Full Album)

32 School Of Seven Bells 'SVIIB'


Listen: SVIIB (Full Album)

31 Night School 'Blush'


Listen: Blush (Full Album)

30 Daughter 'Not To Disappear'


Listen: How

29 A Tribe Called Quest 'We Got It From 
    Here... Thank You 4 Your Service'

Listen: We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service (Full 

28 Honeyblood - 'Babes Never Die'


Listen: Babes Never Die (Full Album)   

27 The Coathangers - 'Nosebleed Weekend'


Listen: Nosebleed Weekend (Full Album)

26 Deap Vally - 'Femejism'


Listen: Gonnawanna

25 Charlie Hilton - 'Palana'


Listen: Palana (Full Album)

24 Marching Church - 'Telling It Like It Is'


Listen: Telling It Like It Is (Full Album)

23 Chairlift - 'Moth'


Listen: Romeo

22 Young Magic - 'Still Life'


Listen: Still Life (Full Album)

21 Telegram - 'Operator'


Listen: Rule Number One

20 Seth Bogart - 'Seth Bogart'


Listen: Seth Bogart (Full Album)

19 JC Flowers - 'Driving Excitement And The 
    Pleasure Of Ownership'


Listen: Driving Excitement And The Pleasure Of Ownership (Full 

18 Nite Jewel - 'Liquid Cool'


Listen: Running Out Of Time

17 The Kills - 'Ash & Ice'


Listen: That Love

16 Crystal Castles - 'Amnesty (I)'


Listen: Amnesty (I) (Full Album)

15 Hinds - 'Leave Me Alone'


Listen: Leave Me Alone (Full Album)

14 Death Valley Girls - 'Glow In The Dark'


Listen: Death Valley Boogie

13 Angel Olsen - 'My Woman'


Listen: Shut Up Kiss Me

12 Yuck - 'Stranger Things'


Listen: Stranger Things (Full Album)

11 Weird Dreams - 'Luxury Alone'


Listen: Luxury Alone (Full Album)        

10 Tancred - 'Out Of The Garden'


Listen: Out Of The Garden (Full Album) 

09 Beverly - 'The Blue Swell'



Listen: The Blue Swell (Full Album)            

08 Wild Nothing - 'Life Of Pause'



Listen: Life Of Pause (Full Album)

07 Sunflower Bean - 'Human Ceremony'



Listen: Human Ceremony (Full Album)

06 PJ Harvey - 'The Hope Six Demolition 



Listen: The Community Of Hope                 

05 Dunes - 'Bitter Charm'



Listen: Runner

04 Cullen Omori - 'New Misery'



Listen: New Misery (Full Album)

03 Eagulls - 'Ullages'


Listen: Velvet         

02 DIIV - 'Is The Is Are'


Listen: Is The Is Are (Full Album)     

01 Whitney - 'Light Upon The Lake'


Listen: No Woman